Our trainings

Beyond its expertise in consulting and operational support, the Lunalogic Group assists its customers in the evolution of some of their competences through a wide range of modular training courses. Our approach is to elaborate both the format and content in co-construction with our clients, in order to meet their needs, combining general training and business specialization.

Our twofold expertise in consulting and training allows us to constantly update the content and topics discussed, in line with the transformations of the financial sector.

Business registration number: 11754518175, issued on 6 April 2010.

Our identity, our culture

Our training courses are organized in our offices (If in France: rue de Richelieu, 2nd district of Paris) or in-company.

IT technologies

The modules can be combined in whole or in part (for a total of 12 days maximum). The sessions
can be spread out over several weeks or months.

Intra training, which may focus on a specific sector of activity (case studies, comparative analyses, etc.).

Level (see also above the specific prerequisites for each module):
higher than or equal to the “Digital Engineer” level (if practitioner called to implement these tools) or an equivalent experience;

ou tout niveau (si utilisateur) pour les cas de sensibilisation des personnels d’encadrement aux usages et aux transformations induites par ces mutations technologiques.

Finance and Markets

Three main areas of application:

Project Management