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Advisory and innovative service-provider in finance Since its very start, Lunalogic has taken an original approach towards consulting. Supported by consultants with extensive experience and proven expertise, our business offer is pragmatic while incorporating methodology, an external vision and coaching in change management and implementation alike. A unique and international positioning Our knowledge of the business of our customers, and our ability to bring together competent project teams make up our added value. Whether they are Lunalogic employees or part of the Lunalogic Network, our consultants ally their business skills acquired mostly through operational experience and their ability to respond to multiple challenges in wide range of environments. Above all, we have an international task force and impressive references in this domain.

A demand for quality Each project must be brought to completion with the same rigor and the same quality in compliance with the strict ethical standards set by Lunalogic. We make this commitment without hesitation because the project teams consist mainly of our internal consultants or renowned experts with whom we have established mutual trust. A leader-running of mega-projects In the context of developing business with French and international partners, the Lunalogic Group has designed a participatory consulting method that helps us to anticipate our clients’ needs. We have the vision, but also we are a step ahead when it comes to our teams and expertise services.
In addition to our know-how and sectoral and business knowledge, we take an active role in developing these projects which we have fully or partly initiated (product development, support and deployment from companies in France, seeking funding, etc.)
As set out as part of Lunalogic’s strategic plan “Ambition 2017”, this activity represents a new challenge for us.






active in our business



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