Professional paths

For 15 years, Lunalogic has placed its employees at the heart of its development and dissemination of value to its clients. Depending on his or her objectives, missions and personal skills,

each employee is encouraged to develop and evolve personally to a career suited to their aspirations and to the HR devices offered by the Group.

Expansive career opportunities

The consultants have numerous opportunities in terms of sector practices, level of intervention and/or areas of responsibility (expertise, technical project management, team management, business development, etc.):

Management of Operational/Systemic Financial Risks

Financial Engineering, Modelling, R&D

Choice of solutions & implementation of management systems

Advice, Expertise - transformation support

Benchmarks, opportunity and feasibility studies

Governance - Regulatory Compliance

Performance Measurement & Controls - Optimization

A few words from our employees

“As Director of the Risk Division, I find that my new responsibilities grant me the ability to act directly on the valuation of our business expertise and consolidating our practical know-how with the support of Risk Division consultants. Upon integrating, each employee is directed towards one of the company’s three divisions, allowing everybody the opportunity to join a group of experts, to train in new skills, to solidify their knowledge and to be at the heart of participative management while directly connected to our clients’ business challenges.”

Mo.fw MoMoez Risk Division Directory Lunalogic Paris

“Since 2008, we support our clients every day in the implementation of new regulations and new business challenges, which is a real challenge but also a professional springboard for our team. Lunalogic London is ideal for those looking to open up to new horizons and new business practices in the excitement and culture of the City.”

0311 laurLaurent Head of Sales Lunalogic London



According to your experience, Lunalogic’s consultant career path give you the chance to work with clients at multiple levels, from the implementation of new pricing models to the development of new products and new risk calculating indicators, the audit of valuation models, risk management in internal systems, and so on.

As a Lunalogic consultant, you will find relevant and innovative solutions to the financial problems of our clients.

Become a Technical or Functional Expert

Becoming a Lunalogic Expert is primarily done in the spirit of cooperation, placing efficiency and results at the heart of our clients’ interests. It is also to be proficient in one or more of the following areas: knowledge of engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, asset management, risk management, regulatory oversight, strategic support, organization and audit.


Becoming a Project Manager means learning to provide for the optimization and undertaking of missions carried out by the Group. Depending on his or her experience, the consultant may be required to commercially interact with clients and encourage new professional networks. Attentive to innovation, he or she shares his or her cross-functional expertise with the team. Internally, he or she is involved in the cabinet’s development projects..

Multidisciplinarity Mastering his or her technical environment, participating in the creation of value for our training curriculum and then development and piloting an expertise division are among the potential and expected responsibilities throughout the Project Management path.

In this context, our goal is to help our employees to integrate the evolutionary dynamics of their trade, understand new industries and new jobs in financial services, and finally identify pathways to new fields and new missions for the Lunalogic Group.


The Business Manager is responsible for the commercial development of his or her field. Responsible for recruiting and managing consultants, he or she puts the Cabinet’s strategy into motion and is responsible for the profits and losses within their scope of business. He or she guarantees commercial success and is actively involved in developing the company’s value dissemination.

Managing teams In addition to the commercial development of your portfolio, your role in the HR management of your business center will be an additional strength in surmounting your challenges.
You are in charge of recruiting and coaching consultants who join the company and your unit directly, thereby ensuring their proper development and career paths.
All new Lunalogic managers receive support and targeted coaching, the objective being to bring the pillars of this cross-functional profession to our organization: business processes, practical exercises, simulations, role playing and so on.