“The women and men of Lunalogic both feed on the innovation and expertise brought by our clients, specialists in international financial services. Every day, through our various project implications, they find themselves surrounded by exciting expertise they themselves will be able to develop throughout their careers within the Group.”
“We allow our employees to take part in particularly challenging projects which enable them to develop their skills and maximize their opportunities for development in France, London and internationally. Our recruitment target for 2015 is 60 new employees.”

Isabelle MAROUBY

Human Resources Director

“Our clients are looking for solutions that are simultaneously in line with local market requirements and with the standards of international best practices. To satify them, we have created within Lunalogic different expertise divisions to give consultants and business managers the opportunity to share their experiences and work together to design our operational solutions.”
“This approach allows our consultants to specialize in a particular field and to share their expertise with their counterparts. Thus this is what Lunalogic can offer its clients: a specific and diversified value service.”


Quantitative Finance Director

Our familytrades

4 major family trades

We offer our employees the opportunity to take part in highly demanding projects, allowing them to develop their business skills and thus maximize their developments in France and abroad.
Do you have an initiative mind and strong knowledge of the financial services market? Do you enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team? If so, stop waiting and join the Luna-Network ecosystem; come share our values of excellence and innovation in financial services!


Be involved with our clients at multiple levels, develop new products, etc

Project Managers

Ensure the optimization and running of missions carried out by the cabinet

Business Managers

Responsible for sales and business development within his or her scope

Support Functions

Finance, HR, marketing, communication, etc.

Stimulating projects

“Taking part in highly demanding projects allows you to hone your business skills and maximize your developments in France and abroad”

Isabelle MAROUBY

Human Resources Director

Let’s build your career path

Your career

Lunalogic’s HR development policy looks at talent development as a major focus of its management. We put all the means in place to make sure our employees are clear on the internal opportunities and career paths available to them.

Career path

Lunalogic offers you new challenges ranging from varied business expertise and management solutions to the marketing of our services. Through clear objectives and local support, our aim is that this development suits everyone.


An element of competence and recognition, international mobility within Lunalogic is a real business plan for our cabinet. The geographical and/or functional mobility is a personal enrichment that allows each employee to have experience in different working environments and develop an open mind. To date, we have offices in Paris, London and Hong Kong.