New technologies and the boom of data require asset managers to find new solutions for integrating, analazing and storing their data.

Innovations linked to the digital universe answer the need of our clients and enable to reach objectives of performance and risks controls.

From the selection to the implementation of solutions (Fintech or in-house technologies), the Digital offer enables our clients to answer the double objective of the creation of new source and increase of profitability by a better management of their data.


The Challenge

Accurate data selection
Management, control and accurate analysis of data coming from the Big Data
Management, control and accurate analysis of data coming from the Big Data
Evolution toward a control of the infrastructure by Open Data solutions
Data Complexity Management
Accurate performance analysis


Assist key accounts in their digitalization processes

Selection of Fintechs answering to the needs of our clients

Center of excellence in the research and integration of solutions,

analysis of data and the storage of not structured and heterogeneous data.

What Lunalogic Can do for you

Our offer is based on the fields of expertise on which we have solid references and operational experiences

  • Fintech selection and solutions

    Trough our commitment with Fintechs, we have a large partnership network available answering issues of our clients.

    Realization of benchmarks between solutions

    Put our partners through to our clients and presentation of solutions

  • Transformation and strategy

    Our data and information systems expertise enables to advise our clients toward the choice of their infrastructures and solutions

  • Professional expertise


    Make available experimented resources in data management

  • Agility

    Optimization of the organization et operational processes

    Complex programs management

    Externalization of solutions

    Selection and monitoring of partners

    Link SI and strategy on the quantitative side

    Selection of solutions Cloud, Open Data, Big Data

    Master plan and audit

    Operational processes

    Assistance to the Implementation

    Externalization of solutions