Analysis of European investment funds

Logicinvest is a powerful work tool for professionals in Asset Management that revolves around two related services:
– a reliable fund database, enriched with qualitative and quantitative information.
– a set of customizable tools that enable interactive statistical analysis and custom reporting dynamically.

Independent valuation of Financial Assets

Initiated by Pricing Partners, the Creditnext project is conducted within a consortium of NYSE Euronext, Lunalogic (Fadila Palmer), the research laboratories of the Ecole Polytechnique, the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, INRIA and the Marne Valley University.
Creditnext aims to create an independent platform on credit derivatives and non-liquid structured products to meet the need for greater transparency in financial markets and an independent valuation of derivatives. In April 2008, Finance Innovation – a global competitiveness division federated by Paris Europlace whose members include all financial players – named Creditnext an “innovative project”.

Volatility of commodities

Since 2008, there has been considerable volatility in the markets for commodities due to soaring prices, a growth in global demand and a rigid production. Lunalogic has undertaken a research program applied to the problems surrounding commodities in order to determine which model would be most suitable to follow these markets, particularly the sudden jumps in volatility (study of its calibration, study of dynamics of volatility smiles). The implementation of this program will be used to cover optional products in these markets and their efficiency.


Morningstar France Holding seeks to acquire the company Seeds Group and its subsidiaries Seeds Finance and Multiratings, consulting firms in financial investments and research on UCITS in France.

In 2001, Lunalogic launched LogicInvest project, an asset management analysis solution for professionals in Asset Management.
GL Trade group’s stake in LogicInvest Attribution under the label “Innovative Company ANVAR” (Agence Nationale de Valorisation de la Recherche) for LogicInvest. Sale of LogicInvest to Multiratings (Seeds Finance).

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